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Worm Gears Manufacturer

Worm Gears Manufacturer in India

Worm Gears Manufacturer

We Ashoka Gears manufacturing all type of worm gears including other industrial products. Worm and -gear sets are a simple and compact way to achieve a high torque, low speed gear ratio.We built custom industrial gears. We supply cast components and forged components for mining, agricultural and other industrial equipments with worm application gears.

Ashoka Gears has a large factory compound full with latest machines and equipments for manufacturing gears, gearsboxes of any size custom power tramsmission products, Worm gears can considered a family member of helical gear where its helix angle is compare to large and body is fairly long towords axial direction.

We manufacture all type of gear drives. In a worm gear drive power transmitted from worm to worm wheel and this is very common and highly useful application in many application. these gears are perform smoothly and silently, these gears are self locking and occupy less space. Worm gears and drives can be used for reducing and increasing torque.

Worm Gears Features

Right Hand Worm Gears

Left Hand Worm Gears

Anti-Backlash Worm Gears

Worm and Wheel Sets

Miniature Worm Gears

303 Stainless Steel Worms

Sizes and SpecificationsWorm Gears

With both standard and custom worm gears available in the below ranges, we can meet just about any need for gear reduction, offering ratios up to 360:1. Details include:
Pitch - 48 and 64
Ratios - 7.5:1 to 360:1
Worm Starts - 1, 2, 4
Gear OD - 5/8’’ to 5 5/8’’
Bores - 1/8’’ to ¼’’

Note: - Larger gears pitches can also be cut. Please send your enquiry, We manufacture custom Worm Gears and able to design any size of spur gears.