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Spur Gears Manufacturers

Spur Gears Manufacturer in India

Spur Gears

Ashoka's Spur gears are most common type of gears we manufacture at Gears Hub, this gear used in all industries including spur gears for cement plants, sugar plants, steel Plants, mining, agriculture and other heavy industries. Spur gears is used to describe cylindrical gears with straight teeth cut parallel to the axis of the gear. Spur gears works in high degree efficiency, and because of straight teeth produce no end thrust.

these products gives give excellent performance at slow to medium peripheral speeds, but tend to be noisy at higher speeds due to having a parallel line of contact, although profile grinding will greatly improve noise.

Spur gears are shaped like a cylinder and it is united parallel to the axis of the rotation. It is most popular among the other gears as gears are set parallel to the axis. It is used in low speed applications.

Sizes and Specifications of Spur Gears

Up to 2½" CP/1¼DP/20 MOD

MAX DIA 2000mm x254mm FACE

Up to 3¼"CP/1DP/25 MOD

MAX DIA 1250mm X 300mm FACE

Note: - Larger gears pitches can also be cut. Please send your enquiry, We manufacture custom spur gears and able to design any size of spur gears.