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rack and pinion gears manufacturers As a Leading gears suppliers, We manufacturing various rack and pinion gears, these gears are very efficient, these are used to convert rotation into linear motion.Flat, toothed part is the rack and gear in the pinion, By varying the sizes of either the rack or the pinion, the rotation / linear travel ratio can be varied according to the requirement criteria. A piston coaxial of the rack provides hyraulic help force to open centered rotary valve controls assistance.

Furthermore, force variation can be designed in by varying the size of the pinion. The most common use today for a rack and pinion assembly is in automotive steering systems, but there are other uses for it as well. The normal round gear is the pinion gear and the straight or flat gear is the rack. The rack has teeth cut into it and they mesh with the teeth of the pinion gear.


Automotive Steering Machine Tables
(Many machines, such as milling machines and grinders, have movable tables.)

Rack Gear & Pinion Specification

GearMinimum Module : 0.3 mm
Maximum Module : 25 mm
Minimum D.P. ( Diametrical Pitch ) : 50
Maximum D.P. ( Diametrical Pitch ) : 1
Maximum Length of Rack to be cut : 25 mm
Single piece Rack of Length 20 ft. can be cut. Pressure Angle of 20deg. as well as 14.5 deg.

We manufacture all type of gears inlcuding racks and pinion gears for different industries and different sizes, Please contact us or send your query request for custome gear application, Our techno commercial team will assist you shortly.