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Internal Gears Manufacturers

internal gears manufacturersThis gears is opposite to external gear, provide a compact parallel shaft transmission drive with large speed reduction. These type of gears are used with a stock spur pinion type with same ratio of external type. This transmission product may be operated with the gear in a fixed position and the pinion rotating along the pitch line, or the gear may be free to rotate with the pinion rotating in a fixed position.

Internal Ring Gear Specification

Reduced sliding action. Fast performance

Internal gears Specification:

Minimum O.D. to be cut : 4 mm Dia.

Maximum O.D. to be cut : 2100 mm Dia

Minimum Module : 0.2 mm

Maximum Module : 25 mm

Minimum D.P. ( Diametrical Pitch ) : 60

Maximum D.P. ( Diametrical Pitch ) : 1.