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Industrial Gears Range

Based on the function, sizes and industries there are many type of industrial gears, We At Gears Hub serves all type of gears for most of the industries.

Spur Gears: This is a common type of application, spur and helical gears used to to reduce the noice and vibration and rovides best efficiency in the gearboxes.

Our Manufacturing Capacity: We manufacture all modules with standard diameter and customize according to client.

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Rack and Pinion Gears: A rack and pinion gear mechanism is a best way of directly transferring rotary motion into linear motion, by differing sizes of either the rack or the pinion, the rotation / linear travel ratio can be varied according to the requirement criteria.

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Helical Gears: These gears create less noise and vibration compare to spiral gears, used in various industries. Its a cylinderical shaped with helicoid teeth, having angular cut, teeth meshing results in thrust loads with gear shaft. We can manufacture helical gears to any pitch, with Gear Hobbing up to 1000mm O/D (40inches)

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Worm Gears: Worm gear drives are used for reducing and incresing speed torque. The worm is similar to a screw and the worm wheel similar to a spur gear. This self-locking property of worm drives is used in many applications as a braking sysem. We can manufacture Worm Wheels up to 1000mm(40inches) O/D and Worms up to 125mm(5inches) O/D

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Girth and Ground Gears: Girth gears are the most used gears because of their cost effectiveness and ease of use. Compared to all other gears, these ones are more affordable and are simpler to install.

Popular standards are AGMA 321.05, AGMA 6004 F88 and ISO 6336

Sprokets Gears: Sprockets are connected chains used in many different power transmission and conveyor systems. Adding sprockets are also designed to reduce noise. Sprockets are generally an economic, reliable drive for long running Application

Manufacturing Capacity : 10mm to 5,000mm Outside Diameter.
Type : Single, Double or Multiple Starts.